18th century private mansion built by Antoine Mazin

Antoine Mazin was the engineer and architect for the arsenal of King Louis XV.

only other location in Paris showing a common inspiration is Place Vendôme which was in its finishing stage at the same time period. Remarkably beautiful, the private mansion at 8 rue d’Anjou is the only 18th century private mansion located in the area. The private mansion has survived the renovation of Paris in the 19th century by the baron Hausmann whose style is much less refined. Other celebrities have lived in the mansion overtime: the famous physiologist François Magendi, the King of France Charles X used its stables, the comtesse d’Aguesseau, the Minister-Resident of Toscany M. Matteucci, the Ambassador of Toscany M. Pistoi, the marquis de La Fayette from 1827 until his death on May 20th, 1834 at the age of 77-year-old and more recently the playwright Sacha Guitry.