Michele Bönan settles in the Faubourg Saint-Honoré district

Michele Bönan’s luxury is one of splendor and ease.

reflect intently. Like a movie where I have the leading role, the production takes place in accordance to attire, identity, wishes and ideas which are related to poetry and aesthetic/cultural sensitivity.’ Michele Bönan is a "perfectionist of harmony." He claims that a project can be easily realised by various shining examples. He is enticed by creating something special and breathing new life into the construction project. This is why all his projects carry his trademark - naturalness and elegance spiced by extraordinary ease. Michele Bönan does not only design hotels and resorts but also private villas, luxury stores, yachts, sailing boats, furniture, lamps and carpets. His hotels and resorts specially seek international attention and have been honoured with many awards. Michele Bönan has