MARQUIS offers utmost personalised service in the heart of Faubourg Saint-Honoré

The seducing atmosphere of the luxury boutique hotel is inviting and MARQUIS’ staff puts you right at ease, ready to assist and serve with courtesy at all time.

The exquisite Faubourg Saint-Honoré location, the beauty and history of the private mansion have inspired Michele Bönan, the renowned architect and designer who lives and works in Florence, to create a haute couture boutique hotel. Hidden under the cottage entrance of the 18th century private mansion where the marquis de La Fayette once lived, MARQUIS’ entrance door is utterly confidential. The discreet hotel sign invites you in and Michele Bönan’s signature is instantly recognisable by the natural elegance invading the lodging. Entering MARQUIS is entering a magnificent private mansion wrapped up in compelling luxury. The beauty is exhilarating and the atmosphere is one of nobleness and calm. The greeting area is arranged with a desk designed by Michele Bönan, Burgundy hammered stone and black marble cabochons floor. Further along, the foyer is gracious with two splendid lacquer Chinese panels dating from the 19th century and designer furniture. The walls are panelled with luscious dark grey mouldings complete with stained mirrors, an original Louis XVI marble fireplace, elegant chairs and Versailles parquet floors. The refinement of it all serves as a constant reminder of the incomparable Faubourg Saint-Honoré location. The serene colours work together to create the most elegant effect. Daylight invades the space through wide windows and, at night time, the lighting and first-rate Bose five-speaker sound system subtly take part in modulating the ambiance. The lobby lounge is perfect to relax, entertain or share a glass of champagne with friends before going out for dinner or to watch a show. A dedicated staff is on hand at all time to provide assistance.

Located on the first floor of the luxury boutique hotel, the stylish Le Gilbert Lounge is accessible by the elevator or the stairs which are a wonder of architecture with Burgundy stones, superb corniced ceilings and 18th century stone-like painted walls. With his sensational sense of style and unique sensibility to detail and comfort, Michele Bönan has embellished the Lounge methodically. Michele Bönan displays an asserted seducing act with colours ranging from deep grey and dark purple to ivory. The use of dark oak finishes to bring about a remarkable harmony. With luxurious fabrics and opulent